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Sandra Callaghan
BSc(Hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy

I will provide support to people who are

struggling in their day-to-day living. I help

people understand the issues that are preventing them from moving forward in their lives, with the sense of self and peace they deserve.

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My Story

I began my own journey to becoming a counsellor and psychotherapist like many do in this profession, through my own experience with life's challenges and discovering how important it is to have the right kind of support when it is needed most.

I have led a busy and productive life, but it came to a point when I realised that how I thought about myself, and my day-to-day coping skills, were no longer working, and everything just became so difficult for me.  I now acknowledge I resisted going to therapy for too long, but it can be a difficult first step, as many will attest to.

Psychotherapy helped me become more fully aware of myself, and my day-to-day life was easier to navigate. I became a more present mother and wife, but most importantly, more at ease in who I was and who I could be. I decided to study for a degree-level qualification in psychotherapy, and the successful completion of that has led me to enjoy my work in the profession today.  

I have a background in antenatal teaching and support for pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Post-natal depression, parenting issues and family relationship issues are a speciality of mine in my work as a psychotherapist.


All of the diversity in my life, in my interests and experience, my studying and qualifications have led to an understanding of the pressures we put on ourselves and those imposed upon us.  Today we find more and more that people are simply crumbling under the pressure to be the best worker, parent, spouse, partner etc. Therapy can help you find your own path in what is truly important for you.

My Personal Philosophy of Counselling & Psychotherapy


 Send me an email, text or phone to arrange a free consultation.

Mobile.   086 829 1107

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