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Postnatal Depression

Some mothers will experience some days after the birth of a baby where they feel teary, emotional and overwhelmed.  Often called "the baby blues", if it persists for a prolonged period of time, it can lead to being diagnosed as postnatal depression. 


Coping with a newborn can be challenging even when we feel 'on top' of everything, but if depression is affecting your every moment, it is a lot to deal with.

I am a qualified antenatal teacher with a lot of experience supporting families through this kind of experience.  If you need support, I can help, and, if you wish, you can bring your baby along with you.

Home visits are also an option.*


Being a parent can be the most challenging job for some.  It can bring about feelings of helplessness that lead to stress and anxiety.  How we were parented ourselves plays a large role in are own ability to parent with confidence. 


Exploring our values and beliefs around parenting, as well as understanding how we ourselves were parented can lead to a much more relaxed and successful parenting style.  Attending therapy to help manage this is not a sign of failure of your parenting skills, it is a sign you love and care for your children and yourself. 


Your children will thank you!


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* Cost will depend on proximity to Lucan, Co. Dublin.  Contact for quote.

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