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Psychological trauma is damage to an individual’s psyche that occurs as a result of a severely distressing event. Trauma experiences assault one’s sense of security, making the individual feel helpless and vulnerable. Clients who suffer from trauma may feel disconnected and unable to trust other people. Therapy is required to confront the feelings and to get over the pain to feel safe and well again.


When a person experiences a traumatic situation, it more than likely involves a threat to life or safety. Feeling overwhelmed and alone can also be traumatic, even if the person does not experience physical harm. Trauma is not determined by objective facts, but rather by one’s subjective emotional experience of an occurrence. The more frightened and helpless one feels, the more likely that person is to be traumatised.

Sometimes trauma can remain in a person’s body and psyche for years. It is possible to heal and experience freedom from trauma. Special strategies and support are needed to speed recovery. Whether the traumatic event occurred years ago or yesterday, it is possible to heal and move on.


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