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People come to therapy for different reasons.

For some, it’s a feeling that "something is not quite right" and possibly never really has been.  It gets in the way of your sense of well-being, it manifests itself in your behaviour and it just keeps tripping you up, but maybe you can't figure out what exactly it is.


For most of us, we don’t seek help until we’re facing a crisis, when everything gets too much and we feel completely overwhelmed. Some relay a feeling of 'drowning' or 'hardly able to breathe' with the suffocating issue preventing them from feeling happiness.  This can leave you feeling hopeless and unable to experience joy.

Therapy can help! 


Making the choice to seek counselling and be daunting, but I will do my best to make your courageous decision as easy as possible.  It is all led by you and whatever you want to focus on.

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