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Big Occasion? Trust yourself.

Updated: Apr 26

I think most of us might get a little tense about big occasions that are looming, and as the date gets closer you find yourself getting a bit more anxious. This could be about something as practical as "What am I going to wear?", or "How am I going to travel there and back?" or, "How will I afford it....I'm broke!". These questions can really cause a lot of worries for us, but it's important to remember that these are things we can manage. This is the part of the occasion we do have some control over - even if we do obsess over whether "if I wear that outfit will people think I look fat/slutty/stupid?" etc. That's a whole other topic!

The people we are going to be with at the occasion, that is the variable of the event we can't always get our heads around. This week, I have a big family occasion coming up, and I have been tense and irritable with my family which has been getting me down I've been feeling the 'g' word because I don't want to be like that or feel that way. When I sat down and thought it through, I realised I am not in control of that mixing and getting-along-with-others part yet, and so I don't quite know how it will go. I really want it all to go well and for everyone to enjoy themselves so much that it's driving me crazy in the run-up to it. So....what do I do?

Well, thinking it through is a good way to begin, but try not to focus on predicting what you imagine might or predict will definitely happen on the day/night. When I thought it through, I thought "Well, I've been to lots of occasions in the past, and I got on okay." It may not have always been as perfect as I may have wished, but I didn't cause trouble, I didn't respond harshly to things that were said that I didn't like, I took that snide remark from 'x' and turned the other cheek.....whatever. You get the gist. I focused on how I have managed well in the past and also remembered what I learned from those experiences. The big realisation for me out of this was that all I need to do is be present at the occasion for me and my family, enjoy the day for what it is and relax and trust myself. That's what it's got to be about, you cannot control how others behave, but you can control how you respond in the moment, you can decide to trust yourself. Trust you already know what to do, and then just go an do it.

Relax, trust and enjoy that important occasion!

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